Is your website Google friendly?

We all know the importance of having a website that can be found – Google (and to some extent Bing) have taken over from the tome that was The Yellow Pages. Back in the day, it was all about the indexing – being in the right category (keywords) and folk would simply turn to the page and search the ads. Google started off in a similar way but, to keep us on our toes, keeps changing the way in which it ranks results. Last year was all about content, fresh content “Content is King” many people were proclaiming.

As of the end of April, Google is prioritising results based on the mobile-friendliness of your website.  Optimising for mobiles is important Рnot just for Google rankings, but for your users (customers).  Searching for a site on a phone or tablet and then not being able to navigate or read the site is only going to lead to high bounce rate and switch people off from using your site in the future. If you are a business where customers come to you, then having an easy accessed page on your location on a mobile site is essential.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly – what should you do? Certainly you shouldn’t panic and rush out and re-work your website. Consider whether you want a responsive site or a mobile site – responsive is your current site that auto re-sizes for a smaller screen; a mobile site is one specifically written for a smaller screen. Google are also experimenting with a “slow” label in search results to let users know if a site is likely to be slow to open – so whilst re-working your site, consider how to speed up the opening time of your site (imagery, text, font, links etc.,). Whilst at the moment this doesn’t affect rankings it is likely to affect the number of users coming to your site which will have an indirect impact. Ultimately it is likely that Google will adopt this as a criteria in the future.

If you want advice on improving your Google-friendliness then do contact the Aer8 Marketing team.


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