Hallowe’en Inspired Ad Campaigns that we love!

The UK seems to have adopted Hallowe’en as an opportunity to dress-up and throw parties; it is no longer just about children knocking on doors saying “Trick or Treat”. Whether this has been driven by marketers or whether marketers have just ceased the opportunity is a different debate, but we thought we’d list up three of our favourite “Hallowe’en” inspired adverting campaigns.

Cravendale – Hint of

A great ad from Cravendale to promote their Hint of… range of milk, but with a Hallowe’en twist…

Guinness – All Treat No Trick

Guinness always seem to run inspired and clever campaigns – whatever the time of year. We like this one because of it’s simplicity…


guinness-halloween-ad (1)

Booking.com – Stay If You Dare

Not typically a holiday when you would think of booking a holiday, Booking.com set up a “Haunted Hotel” search on their website to capitalise on the Hallowe’en opportunity and then released this ad



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