What to Blog about?

Yesterday I was chatting with clients about their blog and up came the old question of “What should I blog about? It is difficult to think of things to write”.

Blogging is often seen as a chore or a secondary online marketing activity – but it is important. Remember Google LOVES fresh copy! Especially that which engages your audience, so good blogs can help with your Google rankings. Which in turn means more potential traffic to your website.

So, my top tips on what to blog about:

  • Industry news – either curate other people’s work with your opinions or simply blog about changes in your industry that will affect the way that your customers can work or use your products or services. Up to date changes are best, but you can re-visit old industry news and see how the changes have affected the marketplace.
  • Geographic news – if there is something of significance taking place in your geographic area (eg the recent Tour de Yorkshire) then blogging about that is fine; however don’t get caught in the trap of blogging about every event (unless that is terribly relevant to your readers).
  • Business news – things that happen in your business. You may consider them to be mundane but perhaps your readers will be interested: a new member of staff; new equipment; even attending a new networking event. Have you won any awards? Are you exhibiting at any shows? Are you hosting a workshop. These are all good things to blog about.
  • Human-interest stories – place a human touch on your business. Profile your staff, or has someone achieved something extraordinary? Tell your followers…it will help with breaking down barriers.

Blogging is important so do try to keep up-to-date with it. Over blogging is something you are unlikely to achieve, so set a reminder in your diary and spare just 20 minutes a week to jot down your blog notes and update that website copy!



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