Our Work

A selection of our projects are featured below: 

Boston Renewables

Boston Renewables approached Aer8 Marketing to help them identify their target audiences so that they could move forward and grow their business in a strategic fashion. Aer8 Marketing worked with the Boston Renewables team on their customer understanding, digital and offline communications to help send them in the right direction.

Deborah provided an invaluable service to us all at Boston Renewables as we developed our business from one that previously enjoyed a healthy order book via recommendation to one that had to become more visible in a rapidly changing marketplace. 

We had our eyes opened to Google rankings, search engine optimisation, networking, editorial promotion and good old fashioned direct marketing. Deborah was a tremendous help and her flexible way of working suited our needs perfectly. Deborah would still be with us now, however, our Group owners employed a full time marketing resource to cover wider aspects of the Group’s interests that include the Boston Renewables team.


This new business approached Aer8 Marketing to help them define their target audiences and develop a marketing strategy that would launch Click Quote Done. The Aer8 Marketing team undertook extensive research and advised Click Quote Done that a regional launch would allow for controlled growth, marketing testing and reduced marketing spend and business risk. We also defined the target audience, took time to understand the limitations of the competitors in the eyes of the users and produced a strategy that will set Click Quote Done apart from other tradefinder websites.

We employed the services of Deborah Goodall from Aer8 Marketing to conduct market research and strategic planning when we started our Click-Quote-Done Ltd venture. The market research that promptly came back was of a very high standard, and enabled us to steer the fledgling company confidently in the right direction.

Through the research we were told who the market leaders were in our sector. We were advised not to do an initial national launch, but start regional, and gradually build up the company. The information gained from the research was eye-opening, and gave us focus and direction.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Aer8 Marketing for marketing, and we are happy to have her knowledge and skills working with us as we grow.

Bakers Hall

Aer8 Marketing was invited to work with Bakers Hall in the City of London, home of the Worshipful Company of Bakers. The Hall was an asset to the Company that was being under-utilised and Aer8 Marketing was tasked with identifying appropriate target audiences, developing a marketing and communications strategy and re-branding the Hall to be more appealing to potential users.

We are delighted with Deborah’s progressive ideas, creative design and action plans. They included market research, rebranding, new marketing collateral, new website, a range of marketing campaigns aimed at different sectors and enhancements to the end-to-end customer experience for hirers of the Hall.

From the moment we launched our new campaigns we were attracting enquiries from exactly the client markets we were targeting.


Kilnsey Park
Aer8 Marketing was challenged by the new owner managers of Kilnsey Park to identify and profile their target audiences and to discover the motivators behind people visiting the farm shop and cafe; and their expectations before their visit.

Aer8 Marketing has helped us to identify our customer base and what they want. Going forward this vital information will help us to grow our business.


Aer8 Marketing was invited to work with Accelerate to help provide focus and direction to the busy team at this successful retail and online running store.

Accelerate has been working with Deborah and Aer8 Marketing for sometime now. Deborah’s role has been to ensure we remain focussed through our social media, website and blogs, whilst aiding in campaign strategy across all media for best effect.

The result has been a more focussed approach to our website, coupled with newsletter campaigns and social media, which has ensured an improved open rate of e-newsletters, sales growth and retention of site visitors.





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